March 21, 2024

JCO® Precision Oncology (JCO PO) Publishes Study Demonstrating Clinical Validity and Utility of OncoHost's PROphet® NSCLC Test

Hope for metastatic patients as PROphet® blood test guides first-line treatment selection by identifying individuals with the highest likelihood of benefit from PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors

BINYAMINA, Israel and CARY, N.C., March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- OncoHost, a technology company transforming the approach to precision medicine for improved patient outcomes, today announced the publication of a study in JCO® Precision Oncology (JCO PO) demonstrating the clinical validity and utility of its proprietary PROphet® NSCLC test.

Entitled 'Plasma Proteome-Based Test for First-Line Treatment Selection in Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer,' the peer-reviewed paper highlights the role of PROphet® NSCLC as a plasma proteome machine learning-based decision-support tool, identifying patient subsets benefiting from PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitor-based therapies. Serving as a composite biomarker alongside tumor PD-L1 testing, OncoHost's test optimizes treatment selection, leading to improved survival outcomes and potentially reducing chemotherapy-related toxicity in select patients.

"One of the greatest unmet needs in therapy of non-small cell lung cancer is the development of better predictive biomarkers for checkpoint immunotherapy," said Prof. David Gandara, clinical advisor at OncoHost and co-author of the paper. "While both PD-L1 and tumor mutational burden are approved biomarkers, they have limited applicability due to the genomic and immunologic complexity of this cancer type. The preliminary data in this paper suggests that PROphet®, when used together with the PD-L1 score, can greatly improve therapeutic decision-making, and benefit our patients."

Currently, there is a significant gap in the availability of definitive biomarkers to effectively guide immunotherapy treatment decisions. It takes an average of 3-6 months to assess treatment response, which not only decreases the quality of care but also heightens the risk of poor outcomes. Despite the thousands of ongoing clinical trials exploring immunotherapy-based therapeutics, progress has remained modest. To drive meaningful advances and enhance clinical outcomes, it is imperative to identify both response and resistance biomarkers for immunotherapy-based therapies. OncoHost's PROphet® platform represents a new generation of precision oncology tools offering a solution to this critical challenge.

"This publication underscores the strength of our PROphet® NSCLC test as a reliable proteomics-based decision-support tool for metastatic patients," said Ofer Sharon, MD, CEO of OncoHost. "Notably, this represents a significant step forward for the industry, as there are few precision oncology tests utilizing machine learning (ML) on liquid assays in proteomics. By integrating ML into our approach, we have created a new breed of tests that can analyze vast amounts of data points from the blood proteome, providing clear clinical utility for physicians treating patients with advanced disease. Thank you to all the patients, physicians, and scientists who, together with our dedicated team at OncoHost, made this work possible. I am eager to see the promising developments ahead."

About OncoHost

OncoHost is a technology company headquartered in Binyamina, Israel, and Cary, North Carolina, transforming the approach to precision medicine for improved patient outcomes. OncoHost's proprietary platform, PROphet®, is a plasma-based, proteomic pattern analysis tool whose initial offering in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) uses a single blood sample to guide first-line immunotherapy decision-making. The PROphet® NSCLC test provides clear clinical utility by offering physicians crucial guidance on the optimal first-line immunotherapy treatment plan for each individual patient, with a significant effect on overall survival. Led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and industry experts and supported by a large-scale prospective clinical trial with over 40 sites and 1,700 patients recruited worldwide, OncoHost is well-positioned to lead precision diagnostics and biomarker development to the next stage.

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