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PROphetNSCLC: Guiding your first-line treatment decisions for advanced cancer patients

The PROphetNSCLCTM test is currently available to order in every US state except for New York (pending).

Ordering Overview

Ordering our PROphetNSCLC test for your advanced cancer patients is easy.

Online Portal: Login or sign up for an account

For issues related to your physician portal account, please reach out to our Client Services team at contact@oncohost.com or 1-855-950-2112.

Fax: Download and fill online, or print our Test Requisition Form (TRF) and fax to 1-919-415-1308.

Download TRF

Blood Draw Options

Mobile Phlebotomy

OncoHost will send a mobile phlebotomist to draw one pre-treatment blood test from the comfort of the patient’s home or at the patient’s preferred location. OncoHost will be in touch with the patient to coordinate the appointment.

In-Clinic Blood Draws

OncoHost also offers in-clinic blood draws. Contact our Client Services team to coordinate this option for your clinic: contact@oncohost.com or 1-855-950-2112.


Test ordered and results completed

Insurance claim filled by OncoHost for patient

Patient may receive Explanation of Benefits from insurance company (this is not a bill)

Claim is adjudicated

OncoHost sends final invoice to patient with Patient Assistance application

OncoHost will bill your patient’s insurance company once the report has been completed.

The patient may receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) notice from their insurance company. This is not a bill.

The patient is only responsible for their co-insurance based on the amount allowed by their plan; they will not be balance billed.

If the appeal for the claim is denied, they are not balance billed.

OncoHost accepts a final allowable amount from the payor after our appeal process is completed.

If the patient owes any out-of-pocket costs, they will receive a bill directly from us, along with the contact details of our Financial Assistance Program.

Financial assistance is available for qualifying patients who have out-of-pocket costs associated with OncoHost’s PROphet® NSCLC test.*

Financial assistance is based on need, and they can apply for this at any time before, during, or after testing.

For any additional information or questions about our billing process, insurance, or Medicare coverage, please reach out to our Client Services team at contact@oncohost.com or 1-855-950-2112.

In effect until December 31, 2024

*OncoHost’s Financial Assistance Program is only available to patients whose tests were ordered within the United States and U.S. territories.


How much plasma is required for the test?


0.2 microliters.

What is the patient eligibility criteria to order the PROphetNSCLC test?


The patient must be newly diagnosed with metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and immunotherapy naïve.

What is the test turnaround time?


Total turnaround time is 7-14 business days.

Is your lab CLIA Certified and COLA Accredited?


Yes. Please find our laboratory’s licensing certificates and permits here.

How do I obtain the results of the PROphetNSCLC test?


PROphetNSCLC test reports can be accessed as soon as results are ready via our digital physician portal: Log in or sign up for an account. If you faxed us your TRF, your results will be faxed back to you.

I’m interested in signing my practice up for OncoHost’s physician portal/ordering a test.
Who do I contact?


To learn more about signing your practice up for OncoHost’s physician portal or ordering a test, please contact your Regional Sales Director, or reach out to our Client Services team at contact@oncohost.com or 1-855-950-2112.

I need to reset my portal password. Who do I contact?


For any portal password-related issues, please contact our Client Services team contact@oncohost.com or call 1-855-950-2112 during business hours (Mon-Fri, 8:00am-5:00pm).

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