March 22, 2024

Study in JCO® Precision Oncology Validates Clinical Efficacy of OncoHost’s PROphet® NSCLC Test

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OncoHost, a pioneering technology company focused on enhancing precision medicine for better patient outcomes, has unveiled a study in JCO® Precision Oncology (JCO PO) showcasing the effectiveness of its proprietary PROphet® NSCLC test. The research, titled ‘Plasma Proteome-Based Test for First-Line Treatment Selection in Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer,’ outlines PROphet® NSCLC’s role as a plasma proteome-driven decision-support tool, aiding in identifying patient subsets that benefit from PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitor-based therapies. By complementing tumor PD-L1 testing, the test facilitates optimized treatment selection, potentially leading to enhanced survival rates and reduced chemotherapy-related toxicity in specific patients.

Professor David Gandara, a clinical advisor at OncoHost and co-author of the paper, emphasized the critical need for improved predictive biomarkers in non-small cell lung cancer therapy. He highlighted the potential of PROphet® alongside PD-L1 scores to significantly enhance therapeutic decision-making, offering promising outcomes for patients.

With a scarcity of definitive biomarkers for guiding immunotherapy treatments and prolonged assessment periods for treatment response, OncoHost’s PROphet® platform represents a pivotal advancement. By integrating machine learning into its approach and analyzing extensive data points from blood proteomes, PROphet® NSCLC emerges as a pioneering precision oncology tool with clear clinical utility.

Ofer Sharon, MD, CEO of OncoHost, emphasized the groundbreaking nature of their PROphet® NSCLC test, particularly in utilizing machine learning on liquid assays in proteomics. He expressed gratitude to the collaborative efforts of patients, physicians, scientists, and the dedicated team at OncoHost, highlighting the significant stride made in advancing precision diagnostics and biomarker development.

OncoHost, headquartered in Binyamina, Israel, and Cary, North Carolina, is at the forefront of transforming precision medicine. With its PROphet® platform and ongoing clinical trials, OncoHost is poised to lead the next stage of precision diagnostics and biomarker development, ultimately improving patient outcomes in oncology.