June 13, 2022

SomaLogic, OncoHost ink agreement to develop tests

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OncoHost has agreed to license SomaLogic's SomaScan platform to develop proteomics tests to predict patient response to immunotherapy treatments and provide strategies to overcome treatment resistance, SomaLogic said on Monday.

Under the licensing agreement, Binyamina, Israel-based OncoHost will develop the tests to run on SomaLogic's Prophet diagnostic system and establish a lab in North Carolina to use SomaScan assay kits to run protein measurements on patient samples.

OncoHost will further use the SomaScan platform to develop laboratory-developed tests to enable clinicians to make treatment decisions earlier in a patient's disease progression and inform choices for alternative therapies, according to Boulder, Colorado-based SomaLogic.

The SomaScan platform can run 7,000 protein measurements on a 55-microliter plasma or serum sample. SomaLogic expects that the platform will be able to measure 10,000 proteins in the next year.