June 4, 2020

PART 1: Yuval Shaked, ASCO 2020: Host Response Profiling for Melanoma Patients

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We were joined by Professor Yuval Shaked (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology) to discuss the abstract presented at the ASCO20 Virtual Meeting on the use of advanced bioinformatic analysis and machine learning tools on plasma proteomics in order to predict outcomes of immunotherapy-treated melanoma patients. To view PART 2 click here: https://youtu.be/OPa-tPtxLvs


  1. What are the current limitations of immunotherapy for the treatment of advanced melanoma? (0:06)
  2. Could you give us a brief overview of OncoHost’s Host Response Profiling platform? (1:06)
  3. What were the aims and design of your recent study? (3:30)

Speaker disclosure: Yuval Shaked is Co-founder and Chief Scientific Advisor for OncoHost.

Support: Interview and filming supported by Touch Medical Media. Commissioned in liaison with Finn Partners.

Filmed in coverage of the 2020 ASCO Virtual Scientific Program.