February 1, 2023

OncoHost Launches PROphet NSCLC Cancer Test in the United States

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Predictive blood test guides first-line treatment decisions for advanced unresectable non-small cell lung cancer patients

OncoHost, a precision diagnostics company centered on predictive biomarker development for improved patient care, launched the official  PROphet non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) Test in the United States.

OncoHost’s first test, PROphet NSCLC, guides first-line treatment decisions for advanced unresectable non-small lung cancer patients.

The PROphet NSCLC Test provides clinicians with actionable clinical insights into optimal first-line therapeutic choices, and a better understanding of their patients’ personalized cancer dynamics. Requiring just one pre-treatment blood test, PROphet scans approximately 7,000 proteins in a patient’s blood plasma and delivers a report that predicts their clinical benefit from anti-PD-1/PD-L1 immunotherapy-based treatment plans.

“After years of research, development, and determination, we are proud to be launching our PROphet NSCLC test in the United States,” said Dr. Ofer Sharon, CEO of OncoHost. “While driver mutation detection is essential in determining effective treatment, approximately 85% of all patients diagnosed with NSCLC do not have any detectable driver mutations. In these cases, the PROphet® NSCLC Test, when combined with PD-L1 results, will serve an invaluable purpose in predicting the best treatment plan for each individual patient. We hope to create a shift in the industry and improve the lives of those fighting this disease.”

The PROphet algorithm is trained on OncoHost’s large-scale clinical trial, PROPHETIC. To date, the trial has over 1,500 patients recruited across 40 sites worldwide, making it one of the largest prospective cohorts in the precision oncology field. The PROphet NSCLC test is supported by a blinded validation demonstrating that it accurately predicts a patient’s clinical benefit and associated overall survival differences with single-agent versus combination treatment plans.

“We are thrilled to be launching the PROphet NSCLC test, offering a predictive biomarker to guide treatment planning for this large subset of patients,” said Chris Dingman, OncoHost CCO. “Access to our test will have a significant impact on patient care and treatment protocols. The PROphet Report will guide physicians’ treatment decisions by offering personalized insights on the predicted clinical benefit of immunotherapy. Combining these findings with the patients' PD-L1 level will allow them to offer the most effective plan and avoid unnecessary treatments.”

To order the PROphet NSCLC test, any physician can visit the OncoHost website at www.oncohost.com and complete a Test Requisition Form.