December 1, 2021

OncoHost: David Gandara

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OncoHost said that David Gandara has joined its scientific advisory board. Gandara currently serves as director of the thoracic oncology program at the University of California Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, as well as a professor of medicine, and senior adviser to the cancer center's director.

Gandara brings deep knowledge to the field of personalized cancer care, focused on investigating new anticancer agents and biomarkers in a variety of novel drug classes, OncoHost said. He is a co-leader of Lung MAP, a precision medicine umbrella clinical trial for the development of biomarker-driven strategies for new therapies in lung cancer. Gandara was also recently appointed chief medical officer of the International Society for Liquid Biopsy, and previously served as president of the International Association for Study of Lung Cancer, and as treasurer and board member for the American Society of Clinical Oncology.